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Floral 4 inch by 4 inches
Floral 4 in x 4 in-1
Floral 5 in x 5 in -5
Water Embrace-1
Water Embrace-2
Acrylic Pour-24
12 inches by 9 inches
12inches by 12 inches
Acrylic Pour-1
Acrylic Pour-5
Acrylic Pour-3
Acrylic Pour-4
Acrylic Pour-16
Acrylic Pour-7
Tile Pour

My Acrylic Pouring Obsession


Once I tried this technique of Acrylic Pouring I was hooked , this became an obsession of mine. Pouring the paint and watching it swirl over the canvas,as I try to control what the paint does. The color as they mix and mingle is  a way to healing I get lost in the process. Use acrylic pour as your start to a painting.

These are samples -as I teach Acrylic pour workshops. Not For Sale